The Top Five Natural Herbs
To Increase Sexual Stamina

Sexual stamina is a very important factor that will help you achieve sexual satisfaction and also in increased sexual pleasure. There are some men or women who don't have enough stamina while having sex with each other and so both of them end up being unsatisfied. The lack of peak pleasure each time will cause the person or the couple to become frustrated and they will start looking for other people who are able to satisfy them sexually. This leads to affairs and other problems.

Herbs are the most natural methods of increasing the sexual stamina. These herbs don't have any side effects unlike the medicines that are used. The main reason for the use of herbs is that they will help to increase the sexual desire and also make the penis to become more erect.

The top five natural herbs to increase sexual stamina are:

1. Cnidium seeds. This is a Chinese herb that has the same effect of the drug Viagra. The herb maintains the level of nitric oxide in the body. Other than this effect, the Cnidium seeds also help to enlarge the various arteries that transport blood to the penis. This also helps the erection to be harder and more firm.

2. Catuaba bark. This herb is usually found in South America and the intake of this helps to increase sexual desire and stamina. This is a very popular treatment for impotence as well which is why it has become popular.

3. Schizandra. This is a berry that will help in increasing the desire of both males and females. The consumption of the berry prevents the person from becoming fatigued and instead rejuvenates the person, thus increasing the sexual stamina.

4. Cistanche bark. The use of this bark helps to increase the circulation of blood to the penis. This is also used by many people to prevent ageing. The herb is used as a popular treatment for premature ejaculation. Since the ejaculation is delayed with the use of this herb, the person is able to last longer in bed, increasing the sexual pleasure. This is the method in which this herb increases the sexual stamina.

5. Jujube. The fruit called Jujube is mainly used to prevent the person from becoming tired and fatigued. The herb contains various minerals and vitamins that revitalize the person using it. Its an energizing fruit that helps to increase the sexual stamina by increasing the blood flow and also by reducing the fatigue levels. This is one of the best herbs that help in increasing the sexual stamina.

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